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246 Goose Lane, Suite 104
Guilford, CT 06437
(203) 453-6531
Making Independence Possible
SARAH is a Family of Agencies that provides programs and services for people with intellectual and other disabilities who live in Connecticut.

The SARAH Foundation is responsible for raising funds, managing the investments and coordinating all donations in accordance with the wishes of the donors and the mission of SARAH Inc., SARAH Tuxis and SARAH SENECA. We are the fundraising and development arm for the SARAH Family of Agencies.

We are dedicated to the proposition that people with disabilities deserve to experience life's joys; learn, work and accomplish all they can and participate as valued members of the community.
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Our Public Service Announcement:   
Your Spare Change Can Change Someone's Future
Cash in during January - March 2016
When you cash in your change at a Connex coin counter, you're also helping to raise money for a good cause. This quarter, Connex will donate the Guilford Branch coin counting fees to SARAH. The more people who participate, the more money we'll raise.
Guilford Branch: 849 Boston Post Road.
Farewell to a SARAH's Cupboard Treasure
After years spent expertly filling the racks as SARAH's Cupboard Thrift Shop clothing sales manager, and even more as a supporter of SARAH programs and services, Georgia Payne says goodbye to her shop family and friends this week.
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