Message from the Board

We have never experienced a year like 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic presented once-in-a-lifetime challenges for all us. We navigated the fear, anxiety and isolation of pandemic-related closings, cancellations and life changes. Most of us missed time with family and friends celebrating milestones and important moments. Our lives were altered in everyway possible. Our professional lives were impacted by work-from-home mandates and for some the loss of jobs all together. Our personal lives changed as many of us became at-home caregivers and teachers. Travel was halted and activities we previously took for granted were no longer available. Some of us became ill and battled COVID-19. Sadly, some of us lost loved ones to the Coronavirus disease. We all hope we never see another year like 2020.

While all this was taking place, SARAH continued to provide programs and services to the more than 1,700 individuals we are privileged to serve. Yes, many of these programs looked very different in 2020 and some had to be put on pause for a period of time. Other programs continued throughout the pandemic requiring the SARAH service agencies to alter their approach, practices and procedures to help keep clients and staff as safe as possible.

The pandemic-related isolation only increased the level of disconnect many of the individuals we serve have experienced for years. One of SARAH’s primary goals is to help facilitate connection, friendship and a sense of belonging. Our ability to provide these opportunities was certainly challenged in 2020. It required innovation, creativity and continued dedication to the mission. SARAH’s direct support professionals were on the front-lines providing care, compassion and comfort to so many individuals.

The following pages of this annual report provide a snapshot of the efforts undertaken during 2020 in unprecedented conditions. The importance of SARAH’s mission and programs was never in doubt. There were bright spots amongst all the clouds. You and all of our supporters, donors and friends stood beside SARAH, you never wavered and helped us make it through the year. Thank you!