Message from the Board:

It was a year where we began our return to a semblance of normalcy.

We all continued navigating the challenges and restrictions COVID-19 presented while programs continued to thrive, and events and activities previously cancelled returned.

The SARAH service agencies are constantly seeking to improve programs and how we deliver services to each individual. Continued trainings for staff and technology advances help to improve efficiency and effectiveness.  Enhancements to residential locations and program sites provide a more comfortable experience. A growth mindset and an eagerness to improve the opportunities offered throughout the year is what drives our program leaders and direct support professionals to meet the needs of each individual SARAH supports.

Returning to in-person services allowed SARAH clients to reconnect with staff and friends with the health and safety of all at the forefront of program design and implementation. Friendships, connection and belonging are all key components of living a fulfilling, productive and engaged life. It is something we all seek in our daily interactions with family, friends and neighbors.

The SARAH Foundation brought back its annual fundraising events after needing to cancel them the year prior. Live events and larger gatherings are a key way to engage with our supporters and introduce new friends to SARAH’s mission. We continue to seek innovative ways to generate revenue and appreciate the support we received for new initiatives, including the SARAH Partners Program and the new Kid’s Ride option for the annual Summer Breeze Ride for Autism. We have more exciting ideas in the pipeline for 2022!

Throughout it all, YOU stayed by our side. You did not waver, and you did not let us fall. We are grateful for your friendship and generosity. At its core, SARAH is a community of people united in the belief that individuals with intellectual and/or other disabilities deserve the same opportunities to thrive and be included in society in all ways. Thank you for your continued belief in SARAH’s mission and the people we are privileged to serve. The impact report will highlight some of the many ways your support has made a difference and how we continue to partner with others in the community. Thank you!