Program Overview

The SARAH Partners Program is designed to develop fully integrated, mutually-beneficial partnerships with local businesses and regional companies. Our goal is to build robust and long-term relationships in support of SARAH’s mission and each company’s specific goals and objectives. By working directly with local business leaders, SARAH Foundation staff will tailor a partnership model that includes multiple points of entry and mission focused interactions.

Partnership Model

Every partnership with SARAH is unique and there are a broad range of initiatives and opportunities to collectively form a strong partnership. Key partnership components are categorized below.

  • Mission Alignment
    We seek partnerships with socially responsible, inclusive businesses with similar values.
  • Executive Participation
    Partnerships include the possibility for executives to participate in leadership roles, including board membership, event committees and other meaningful opportunities.
  • Financial Impact
    Philanthropic contributions are critical to SARAH’s long-term sustainability and the partners program offers numerous ways for companies to contribute to our mission, including annual gifts, event sponsorships, grants and campaign leadership.
  • Employee Engagement
    Unique and compelling volunteer opportunities – ranging from annual events to “adopt-a-house” initiatives to donation drives – provide dynamic experiences to directly engage employees in the mission of serving others.
  • Brand and Community Awareness
    Co-branding initiatives can generate significant revenue and awareness for SARAH’s mission and programs while providing a company or business the opportunity to connect with its customers and clients in meaningful ways in-person, digitally and through creative product and service engagement.

For more information and to become a SARAH Partner, please contact:
Ken Alberti, Executive Director, SARAH Foundation
203-453-6531 or