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A Message from the SARAH Foundation Board of Directors

The generosity of SARAH donors reflects their unwavering commitment to providing opportunity for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In times like these, that commitment faces profound challenges. When the SARAH Service Agencies are worried about how to fill ever widening budget gaps because of cuts to public funding, the mission of the SARAH Foundation to build a source of perpetual funding takes on even greater importance. The word "perpetual" is daunting. It means reminding ourselves that an Endowment is not a "piggy bank" that can be broken to solve an immediate need or want. Its purpose is to provide an annual stream of income – this year and every year – so that the Service Agencies have at least one source of funds not tied to vulnerable state and federal budgets.

It is that mission that occupies virtually every discussion of the Foundation Board. How can we do more? How can we raise more funds so that the Endowment can deliver a meaningful stream of income to the Service Agencies? While the Foundation understands that traditionally, it takes many years build a sustainable endowment (to 5 million…, to 10 million… and beyond…), the Board is also singularly driven by the need to achieve necessary growth faster, because the Service Agencies need more help.

Over the past year, the Foundation has attempted to take big strides. New avenues of fundraising have been pursued. New goals have been set. But achieving these goals is only possible with your help. One need only look at SARAH's 60-year history to appreciate the impact of the members of our SARAH families. SARAH was started by three families to establish a school for children with intellectual disabilities. It has now become the family of service agencies we know today, providing vocational training, job placement, enrichment and transition services and residential living options for people with intellectual disabilities. SARAH's mission is more important now than ever before – to provide the opportunity for independence.

In the same spirit of "small steps can lead to great achievement," every Endowment contribution helps perpetuate the SARAH mission, providing access to unrestricted funds that can help assure important SARAH programs will survive. With each donation, the size of the Endowment fund increases. Because the Service Agencies receive an annual 5% distribution based on the size of the endowment, they have access to wholly discretionary funds that can fill other gaps. But 5% of 3.9 million dollars is simply not enough. 5% of $5 million would generate $250,000 annually to be distributed directly to Sarah, Inc., Sarah Tuxis and Sarah SENECA. Please help us get there soon. There are many ways to help. Please contact the SARAH Foundation Office to learn more.

Warm Regards-
CJ Griffith, Board President
Ken Alberti, Executive Director