Message from the Board

In 2019, the SARAH Foundation endowment fund’s annual distribution to the service agencies increased 5.4% from $157,473 to $165,973 compared to 2018. The increase reflects both prudent investment strategies and financial management along with success through fundraising initiatives and continued support from many donors.

The primary function of the SARAH Foundation and the endowment fund is to help ensure a bright future for the three SARAH service agencies. The endowment fund is setup to provide resources in perpetuity and is managed with this long-term strategy at the forefront.

The ongoing success of the programs and services offered by SARAH, Inc., SARAH SENECA and SARAH Tuxis and the positive impact for the individuals and families SARAH serves is our guidepost. The Foundation seeks to connect donors, organizations and businesses with SARAH’s mission in meaningful and productive ways.

Every dollar we are able to reinvest into the endowment translates into increase distribution amounts for the service agencies in subsequent years. At the same time, the Foundation works to help secure immediate need funds for specific annual projects and programs. Through this two-pronged approach the Foundation helps to create value and secures critical resources where they are needed most to help enhance the quality of life off all SARAH clients and participants.

The following annual report provides a brief picture of the work being accomplished and the impact SARAH had on more than 1,500 individuals in 2019. Independence, friendship, community, and belonging are all vital components to living an engaged and fulfilling life. SARAH’s focus on providing these opportunities has never wavered and neither has the community’s support. Thank you for believing in the value of SARAH’s mission. We look forward to your continued support and to building an even brighter future together for all of SARAH! We cannot do this without you!