Message from the Board

2018 was a year that saw the Endowment Fund’s five percent distribution grow from $136,968 in 2017 to $157,473. The increase in the endowment is a direct result of both effective financial management strategies as well as fundraising and donations from our supporters. Each gift or donation helps to ensure the perpetuity of the endowment to provide some security of funding to SARAH Inc, SARAH SENECA and SARAH Tuxis as the uncertainty of future resources from the state and federal governments continue to negatively impact the agencies and the services they can provide to their participants. How many individuals is that? 1,513 participants, to be exact, spanning 32 Connecticut towns in 2018. The following annual report gives a snapshot of the endowment at work in each of the service agencies. These initiatives would not be possible without the support of each donor, and we are eternally grateful for every penny and hour of support. But we can do more! As funding sources are compromised, our goal is to ensure the survival of the agencies and to supplement the funding necessary to help them grow. These programs and services provide a future of independence and a quality of life that should be accessible to all. Thank you for your support in the past and present, and we look forward to a future full of opportunity with your continued support!